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Birthstone Necklaces

Find custom birthstone necklaces including family birthstone & birthstone necklaces for mom.
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Custom jewelry from necklaces to bracelets with birthstone pendants, hand-selected, cut, and set for your everyday. Our pieces make styling a breeze, powerful symbols in colors that catch attention. Explore pieces that are custom-made to your liking and hold great deals of meaning. Carry the birthstones of your nearest and dearest on your own jewelry.

Why you should wear your birthstone?

Wearing your birthstone is more than a tradition; it's a powerful connection to your unique qualities and good fortune. These gemstones symbolize strengths and virtues, infusing positivity into your life. Embrace this meaningful practice to celebrate your identity and harness the benefits your birthstone brings.

How to choose birthstone?

While birthstones are traditionally selected based on the month of one's birth, some individuals prefer to choose a stone that they feel a deeper connection to, and on certain occasions, the color of the stone may also be a determining factor.

What kind of Bithstones with Name does My Name Necklace offer?

We offer a diverse range of birthstone necklaces that can be customized with both a birthstone and a name. In addition, we carry stylish name necklaces that include birthstones, as well as one of our favorites—the Birth Flower & Birthstone necklace. With such a variety of options, you're sure to find the perfect gift for anyone.