Name Choker in Sterling Silver


Gone are the days of blank space between the neck and neckline. Fill that space with with a choker to contrast the different necklaces! Layering your necklaces is a continuous trend that we are seeing a lot of. Stacking your choker allows for a fuller look and generally you’ll want to have at least 3 layers. A name choker such as our Name Choker in Sterling Silver is a standout piece as it makes an impression and becomes the focal point of the stack. Allow your name necklace to be your centerpiece and build from there with longer or shorter styles of chokers or necklaces.

Name Choker in 18k Gold Plating


Your name choker can be pulled off for a formal affair and complement any attire. Our Name Choker in 18k Gold Plating is just right for a chic night out or special event. The choker will decorate your neck and make a statement to your dressed-up outfit. Keep it minimal without the layering in order not to overpower your look. This gorgeous style is eye-catching and will perfectly compliment a sleek, minimal gown or outfit.

Initials Choker Necklace in Gold Plating


Chokers with charms can be effortlessly styled because of their delicateness. You can express yourself easily by selecting a choker in which you can customize with words that represents your personality and interests. Our Initials Choker Necklace in Gold Plating can seamlessly be paired with jeans, skirts, and dresses, and is a very feminine and alluring embellishment to your outfit. Whether you choose a piece with dainty dangling charms or a chunky charm, either style will match magnificently with your look.

Name Choker with Gothic Font in Gold Plating


The more, the merrier. Play with contrasting metals. Don’t be afraid to mix with variations of metals, colors, and textures. Our Name Choker with Gothic Font in Gold Plating can easily be mix and matched with other necklaces. Some of the best looks come from pairing different necklaces. It is a blank canvas so pick and mix however you choose! Mixing metals is super trendy- make your name choker your centerpiece and stack from there. For example, complement our name choker with a few thin gold chains of different lengths, textures, and tones for a look dripping in decadence.

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