The Meaning of the Russian Ring Necklace
Inspired by Russian culture, My Name Necklace CA has designed many different variations of the traditional Russian wedding ring for everyday looks. Discover the unique meaning behind this Russian tradition and explore new and special ways to celebrate the meaning of love.

The Meaning Behind Russian Ring Necklace

What is this 3-ring necklace’s meaning? It has derived from the tradition of the Russian wedding ring. A Russian wedding ring is composed of three interlocking bands, typically made of white, rose, and yellow gold worn on the right hand. The three bands symbolize the Holy Trinity of Christian Orthodox religion, or the past, present, and future of the couple. Choosing a Russian ring can have a special meaning for couple who wants to celebrate their heritage and admires Russian culture. Delving from this tradition, Russian ring jewelry has been born such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.


Just as many traditional Russian couples personalize their rings with custom inscriptions on the bands offering a link between the bride and groom, a Russian ring necklace can be made even more meaningful by customizing the jewelry with special messages. Aside from the classic interlocking white, rose, and yellow gold band trio, there are many unique different styles of Russian Ring necklaces. Some styles include having solid rose gold, gold, or silver all over instead of three colors, diamonds, irregular circle or 3d curved designs, thinner or thicker bands, stamped styles, and even two or four rings rather than the classic three.


A design that is both timeless and innovative, wear a Russian ring necklace, a modern and clean that will add just the right amount of glamor to your everyday wardrobe. The Russian Ring Necklace with 2 Rings is a modern take on the traditional piece, with two discs available for engravement, customize this double ring necklace and give meaning with the name of you and a loved one, for a captivating gift for yourself or someone special. The Russian Ring Necklace with Engraving is an interlocking circle necklace with up to three discs available for engravement, that may be customized with the names of one’s children or perhaps between three best friends!


A traditional Russian ring signifies strength, flexibility, and the rarity and enchanting beauty of pure true love. The Three Disc Necklace is the perfect representation of love with a fresh twist to the classic Russian ring. With up to three discs available for engravement, customize with the names of three loved ones or a saying of three words that are dear to you. The Russian Ring Necklace- 3D Curved Design is as well a cool, unconventional approach to the classic Russian Ring with its one-of-a-kind 3D design. Personalize it with up to three inscriptions and represent the timeless bond between loved ones!

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